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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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\NlibcwdNamespace for libcwd
 oNchannelsThe default DEBUGCHANNELS namespace
 |\NdcThis namespace contains the standard debug channels of libcwd
 oCbuf2strPrint a (char) buffer with a given size to a debug ostream, escaping non-printable characters
 oCchar2strPrint a char to a debug ostream, escaping non-printable characters as needed
 oCalloc_ctAn object of type alloc_ct contains information about one allocated memory block
 oCalloc_filter_ctAn allocated-memory filter class.An object of this type can be passed to list_allocations_on containing formatting information for the Overview Of Allocated Memory . It can also be passed as argument to the constructor of a marker_ct object in order to specify which allocations should not be capatured by the marker (and optionally made invisible)
 oCchannel_ctThis object represents a debug channel, it has a fixed label. A debug channel can be viewed upon as a single bit: on or off
 oCdebug_ctThe Debug Object class, this object represents one output device (ostream)
 oCdebug_string_ctA string class used for the debug output margin and marker.This type is used for the public attributes debug_ct::margin and debug_ct::marker of the debug object class
 oClocation_ctA source file location
 oCmarker_ctA memory allocation marker
 oCobject_file_ctAn object representing the main executable or a shared library
 oCrcfile_ctThis object represents a runtime configuration file
 oCtype_info_ctClass that holds type information for debugging purposes.  Returned by type_info_of()
 oCcwprintPrint an object to a debug stream without needing an operator<<
 \Ccwprint_usingPrint an object to an ostream using an arbitrary method of that object
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