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Nesting Debug Output
Collaboration diagram for Nesting Debug Output:

Calling functions inside Dout

Consider the following code:

int foobar(void) __attribute__ ((const));
int foobar(void)
Dout( dc::notice, "Entering foobar()" );
Dout( dc::notice, "Leaving foobar()" );
return 1;
int main(void)
Dout( dc::kernel, "The value of foobar() = " << foobar()
<< ", aint that nice?" );
return foobar();

This code would start a new debug message before the previous debug message is finished.  Libcwd detects this and will output:

NOTICE:     Entering foobar()
NOTICE:     Leaving foobar()
KERNEL: The value of foobar() = 2, aint that nice?

Note the indentation and the fact that the printing of the label KERNEL was delayed.

Using continued_cf, dc::continued and dc::finish

In the previous section foobar() was a const function: it didn't matter whether or not it was called for the functionality of the application. But when it does matter, then one might want to do something like this:

Dout( dc::kernel|flush_cf|continued_cf, "Generating tables... " );
Dout( dc::finish, "done" );

If generate_tables() would not print debug messages, then the output will look like:

KERNEL: Generating tables... done

When it does generated debug output, then the <unfinished> and <continued> labels are printed also:

KERNEL: Generating tables... <unfinished>
NOTICE:     Inside generate_tables()
KERNEL: <continued> done

Finally, it is also possible to split a debug line into more than two parts by using the special dc::continued debug channel.

Dout( dc::notice|flush_cf|continued_cf, "Generating tables." );
for(int i = 0; i < 8; ++i)
Dout( dc::finish, " done" );

When generate_table(i) doesn't print debug messages, then the output will look like:

NOTICE: Generating tables......... done

When it does generate debug output, then each dot would be surrounded by a <continued> .<unfinished> :

NOTICE: Generating tables.<unfinished>
TABLE :     Inside generate_table(0)
NOTICE: <continued> .<unfinished>


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