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Collaboration diagram for Predefined Debug Channels:


channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::debug
channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::notice
channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::system
channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::malloc
channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::warning
always_channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::always
continued_channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::continued
continued_channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::finish
fatal_channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::fatal
fatal_channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::core
channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::bfd

Detailed Description

These are the default debug channels pre-defined in libcwd.

Variable Documentation

always_channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::always

A special channel that is always turned on.

This channel is always on; it can not be turned off.  It is not in the list of debug channels.  When used with a label it will print as many '>' characters as the size of the largest real channel.

Referenced by libcwd::list_channels_on().

channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::bfd

The BFD channel.

Referenced by libcwd::list_channels_on().

continued_channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::continued

A special channel to continue to write a previous debug channel.

See Also
Using continued_cf, dc::continued and dc::finish
fatal_channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::core
channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::debug

The DEBUG channel.

fatal_channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::fatal

The special FATAL channel.

See Also
continued_channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::finish

A special channel to finish writing continued debug output.

See Also
Using continued_cf, dc::continued and dc::finish
channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::malloc
channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::notice

The NOTICE channel.

channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::system

The SYSTEM channel.

channel_ct libcwd::channels::dc::warning

The WARNING channel.

This is the only channel that is turned on by default.

Referenced by libcwd::move_outside(), libcwd::debug_ct::set_ostream(), and libcwd::marker_ct::~marker_ct().

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