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Fatal Debug Output
Collaboration diagram for Fatal Debug Output:


#define DoutFatal(cntrl, data)
 Macro for writing fatal debug output to the default debug object libcw_do .

Detailed Description

Detailed Description

Often an application needs to be terminated when a fatal error occurs (whether or not CWDEBUG is defined).  Libcwd defines for these cases the macro DoutFatal.This allows you to write
if (error)
DoutFatal(dc::core|error_cf, "An error occurred");
instead of the equivalent
if (error)
Dout(dc::core|error_cf, "An error occurred");
std::cerr << "An error occurred" << std::endl;
The big difference with Dout is that DoutFatal is not replaced with white space when the macro CWDEBUG is not defined.There are two debug channels that can be used together with DoutFatal: dc::fatal and dc::core .  The first terminates by calling exit(254), the second terminates by raising SIGABORT, causing the application to core dump.
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